Mrs Lister, Teacher of French and German report:

Congratulations to all the Bradon Forest students who entered the Routes into Languages Christmas Card competition run by Aston University. They received over 4000 entries across the country. Winners are yet to be announced as it is going to take some time to sort them all!

At Bradon Forest we had entries from:

Maisie Smith 7R2 Jenny Travers 8B1 Emily Ball 7P2
Ruby Poole 7B1 Romi Beach 8P1 Mya Plummer 7B1
Bobby Philips 8B3 Nicol Pelc 7P2  Sienna Minton 7R1
Olivia Osbourne 7B2 Zakary Ryder 7R2 Jack Hobbs 7R2
Barney Lane 7R2 Eleana Mae Colbourne 9B3 Evie Miller 7R2
Emily Marvell 7P1 Logan Brown 7R1


All entries will receive 5 House Points.

The top three entries chosen internally were Emily Ball, Jenny Travers and Maisie Smith. Congratulations! All student entries will receive a certificate and prize.


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