Today our Year 7 students had the opportunity to join in a virtual tour of the Houses of Parliament and to find out more about democracy in the UK.  With numbers limited students had to apply in writing to Mrs Marsh, our Global Citizenship Subject Leader.  The successful students learnt about the work and role of the House of Commons and the House of Lords. They found out about the difference between the UK Parliament and Government, the work of MPs and members of the House of Lords, how laws are made and how they can get their voices heard.

Mrs Marsh said, ‘All the students engaged well.  They enjoyed discussing issues affecting them and the area they live in. They were surprised to hear that even though they were not old enough to vote they could still contact their local MP to air their views. I look forward to hearing how they get on.’

Thank you to Tomas Williams, who works for the Community and Education Outreach Team for Parliament in South West England, for hosting the event.