Year 8 students have been learning about plastic in the oceans as part of their Geography lessons this term. Today they had the opportunity for a virtual chat with a volunteer working with the charity, Ocean Generation. Lara Paxton, an old school friend of Bradon Forest Humanities teacher Mrs Loxton, is assisting with the clean up of 30 beaches in 14 days.  Today she was in Scotland but made time to talk to our students who had expressed an interest in finding out more about what she was doing.

Mrs Loxton said, ‘I was so impressed with the students. They engaged well and really listened to what Lara had to say. They asked insightful questions and have big plans to raise the awareness of the amount of litter going into our oceans as well as raising funds for the charity.’

One student asked Lara what was the most unusual piece of litter she had found and the group were surprised to learn it was a pair of pants! Another student asked about the largest piece of rubbish and Lara told them about a drawer from a chest of drawers they had found.

The students have agreed to meet again soon to discuss their fund raising ideas and how they will raise awareness of the plight of the oceans to the whole school.