A group of Year 8 students were fortunate enough to participate in a ‘Virtual Author Workshop’ with Alex Sheppard on Thursday 15 July. Explaining how her writing career developed from the age of 5, Alex gave a fascinating insight into her influences and journey towards becoming a published author. After hearing about the continued impact of Ancient Greek Gods on aspects of modern life from literature to film and advertising, students were asked to put Alex’s top tip into action: practise writing! Students were invited to write the opening of a story about a modern Greek God and their exploits. Taking up the challenge, stories featuring the God of British Weather, the God of Money and the God of Intelligence to name a few emerged. Amelie was brave enough to read her story to camera for the author to critique.

Ahead of the workshop, Year 8 students had been invited to submit stories to Alex. Excellent stories from Kaiza and Kuga were selected to go forward from Bradon Forest School to the Athelstan Trust. We were delighted that Kuga’s story was selected as the best entry from all five of the trust schools and really hope that he will enjoy his signed copy of ‘Oh My Gods’.

Find out more about Alex here.

Thanks to Ms Hazell, one of the English teachers at Bradon Forest, for organising this event for our students.

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