Today Mrs Haines, Bradon Forest’s Headteacher, visited St Sampson’s Primary School in Cricklade to present them with a cheque for £100 for learning resources. St Sampson’s were the winners of the Facebook competition we ran in September to promote our school video. St Sampson’s were nominated by Kimberley Toomer who said, ‘This video shows how much the pupils enjoy school life. They are offered endless opportunities to suit different children of all ages. They talk about different subjects all across the school and how the teachers are so supportive and encouraging. For parents who have children who have just started in year 7, this gives us so much information and leaves us full of positive feelings that our children will have a fabulous time during their years at Bradon Forest. Well done for such a wonderful video full of all the encouraging words from pupils.’

Mrs Bayne, Headteacher at St Sampson’s, was very grateful for the gift and said the money would be spent on reading books for the children. As well as presenting the cheque Mrs Haines toured St Sampson’s with Mrs Bayne and they discussed how the two schools could work together more closely to strengthen our relationship.

If you haven’t already watched the school’s promotional video you can view it here