The Eco Club students at Bradon Forest School worked on a tree planting project in terms 1 and 2. They have been learning about the importance of trees to the environment, particularly for capturing carbon emissions and helping to reduce global warming and fight against Climate change. We were lucky enough to be able to receive some tree saplings through the Woodland Trust, who have had a campaign this year to encourage communities to plant more trees, including schools. We received 60 trees in total, with around 30 being used for a Tiny Forest project, which has been planted at the bottom of the sport field. We hope that it will improve the area for wildlife, and it has certainly given the students a chance to make a difference, work as a team, and learn some new skills.  Pictured are the Year 8 and 9 members of Eco Club and staff members Miss Cole and Mr Bunker, who organised the project, with great support from Mr Szymanski. The remainder of the trees have been planted as part of the hedge behind the Willis Block, which is a real haven for birds. Species planted here included Dogwood, Dogrose, Hazel and Hawthorn. The Tiny Forest comprises Silver Birch, Rowan and Wild Cherry trees.

Miss Cole, Eco Club Leader and Head of Humanities at Bradon Forest said, “We’re so pleased to be able to complete this project, and it was lovely to work with such a lovely, enthusiastic group of youngsters who made the project a real pleasure! I’d also like to thank the site team for their tremendous support in getting the area ready for us. All in all, this was a really super team effort at Bradon Forest, and I hope the trees will be enjoyed by everyone, and the wildlife in the area, for many years to come.”