Thanks to Lizzie Skinner from Beanology for visiting our school today. Lizzie worked with invited students from each year group throughout the day, developing techniques and discussing ideas to “help Human Beans rediscover and uncover all that makes them shine!”

KS3 made their own ‘worry monsters’ by decorating boxes and naming them so when they have a worry, they can write it down and the friendly monster can eat it. KS4 enjoyed making their own Beans out of fimo and beads. These small beads can be kept in pockets, socks, purses etc as a reminder of personal strength, resilience or other attributed characteristics.

Mrs Loxton, who organised the visit, said: “This is such a wonderful opportunity for our students. By focusing on a task with their hands, they were able to open up and respond in a different way to conversations looking at mental health, positive attitudes and personal resilience. Everyone needs some Beanology!”

What is Beanology?

“If archaeology is about uncovering human history through excavation, then Beanology is about uncovering who you really are underneath life’s silt and dirt, dusting yourself off, and giving you a good polish!”

Beanology is a way of living that is wrapped in self-care, self-love, well-being and courage. It provides the tools to improve your mental health, your sense of worth, your mojo and motivation whilst empowering you to live true, live happy and be alive in the wonder of the magic you.