Congratulations to our Young Interpreters who have completed their training this week.

The students volunteered for this role and have undergone specific training to prepare them to be a Young Interpreter. The support they can offer to a newly-arrived student can be very reassuring at a time when the fellow student they are supporting may be adapting to substantial changes. It also supports school staff in a variety of ways at different points during the school day.

The scheme was offered to both bilingual and monolingual learners and is very powerful in developing empathy amongst English speakers towards some of the challenges and difficulties that students new to English may be facing.

Bilingual students will be using their language skills in a variety of ways to help new arrivals access English and feel part of the school. Alongside English-only speakers, they have learnt different strategies to clarify, explain and ‘interpret’ a whole range of school activities, systems and procedures to new entrants through the medium of pupil–friendly English where their first language isn’t shared by other students or adults.

Thank you to Languages teachers, Mrs Marsh and Mrs Lister, for providing our students with this opportunity.