A Free Maths webinar, suitable for Key Stage 3 and 4 parents, is being provided by eedi.com on Thursday 17 February at 7.30 pm

A popular question heard by maths teachers is “when am I ever going to need this?” Well, the answer is that’s entirely up to you!

In a 30 – 40 minute session, Tom Briggs, an experienced classroom teacher, will focus on common maths topics that are familiar to most of our children and how they shape the world we live in today.

Tom Briggs, is an experienced classroom teacher, museum learning consultant and heritage educator with a degree in Mathematics with Astrology who has worked at Bletchley Park, the home of codebreaking in World War Two.

“Nobody taught Eratosthenes maths knowing, or even hoping, that he’d be the first to find out something about the world we live in that we take for granted today. Similarly, nobody teaches maths to students in schools today thinking that they’ll make a particular discovery, or use it in a particular way.

What we do know is that if we don’t work to give as many people as possible the tools to make these as yet unknown discoveries, then nobody will make them.”

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