At the end of January, a group of Year 9 students from schools across Athelstan got together in Malmesbury for the MAT Year 9 Maths Challenge. Students worked in mixed school groups to solve some pretty tricky maths problems, ranging from Cross numbers to tough puzzles.

It was fantastic to see such superb Maths being completed with collaboration and enjoyment and to hear their positive comments.

We look forward to the remaining Maths Challenges for Years 8, 10 and 12 and very much hope that these students have such a great day as the Year 9s.

  • ‘Would do this again!’
  • ‘Challenging and I really liked meeting new people’
  • ‘Making friends’
  • ‘An excellent experience’
  • ‘I need another puzzle to do!’
  • ‘Fun and such a nice atmosphere