Year 11 students have been learning new revision techniques this morning during a special study skills workshop, hosted by Elevate.

Finishing Line

The end is in sight. The last thing we want now is students stressing and forgetting the skills they’ve been taught over the previous few years. This seminar is the conclusion of the programme, and is designed to reinvigorate students as they approach the end of Year 11 or 13. Students are provided with a clear road map for the final few months and practical strategies to manage the pressure and stress that comes with it!

Skills Covered

EXAM FOCUSED STUDY – How to refocus and re-engage with the highest yield work, in the little time left.

STRESS AND WELLBEING – What students can do to avoid burn-out through stress management, mindfulness, and wellness strategies in the time they need it most.

MAXIMISING THE HOLIDAYS – How to maintain work rate to make the most of the holidays and the final few weeks.

Elevate Education is an international provider of study skills workshops to senior school students, and has spent more than 17 years benchmarking the habits of the country’s top students. This research has identified 17 areas where the habits and study processes of the top students differ from middle and lower performing students. Elevate workshops introduce students to these 17 skills and show them how to adopt them.

Young presenters students can relate to

Elevate uses young presenters that have recently faced and aced the final years of school themselves. By using presenters that students can relate to, schools have found the impact of the study skills message is increased. Young presenters are perceived as being credible as they have only just gone through the experience themselves.

Practical study skills students can use

Most study skills programs fail because they are dense on theory but lack the kind of practical skills that students can use straight away. All of Elevate’s material focuses on practical study skills modelled from the top students.

Short, high impact sessions

Research shows that as the length of a study skills program increases, student implementation tends to decrease. Students are left with an overwhelming list of ’52 skills’ which is so long that they don’t know where to begin. These short, sharp sessions maximise student retention rates and isolate a handful of skills to implement immediately, encouraging student skill adoption.

Follow-up resources

Most study skills programs are ultimately flawed in that teachers are not provided with materials to follow-up and reinforce the skills covered in the program. Study skills, like any skill, are developed through repetition, practice and review. This teacher implementation kit is designed to be used in conjunction with the Study Sensei seminar to reinforce the skills covered in the sessions.