We are pleased to be able to announce that the ducklings have started to hatch safely!

At the time of ‘going to press’, we have four duckings! The first to hatch was after school yesterday – Year 11 named that one ‘Madge’ before it had hatched but we don’t actually know the gender yet. The rest arrived during the evening and into the night of Wednesday 30 March. They spent a very sleepy night in the incubator so they could dry off and then the following morning were transferred to their little enclosure.

Miss Hall said, “The students have all been amazing and have really appreciated this opportunity to bring science alive in the classroom. Classes have been respectful and it’s proved to be a really positive experience, giving us all the opportunity to discuss different topics such as charity work and environmental issues, as well as the biology of the process!”

For more information on the charity that we have been working with, see Hatching for Schools – Wiltshire on Facebook.