Mr March-Harry reports: “We were approached by the Head of St Mary’s School who wanted a large mural created for the school dining hall /gym space. After a meeting with Mrs Clarke, we gathered a range of ideas that linked to the school. The dominant theme was around the topic ‘Space’.

We had a number of Year 11 students who we thought would be interested in this commission and were blown away by their vision and enthusiasm for this project. The opportunity to work on a larger scale gave them more confidence in their own work, which was wonderful to see.
Through the guidance from Mrs Holmes and myself, they created these fantastic artworks which pieced together created the large scene you see here. We are all so proud of them and were pleased to hear that Mrs Clarke loved them too.”
St Mary’s commented: “Thanks to Bradon Forest students and staff, our school hall now features this fabulous, huge frieze! It was inspired by our #shiningbrightly ethos and our curriculum links with Purton’s very own 18th century Astronomer Royal, Nevil Maskelyne! Thank you Bradon Forest!