On Tuesday 20 September Bradon Forest took their annual trip to Dover Castle on the South East Coast of England. As part of our ‘History Around Us’ GCSE unit, students have the opportunity to develop an understanding of how this historical site has been used and developed over 2000 years; from the Roman invasion, the development of a Stone Keep castle in the Medieval period, the Napoleonic wars, WW1 and WW2, and finally being used as one of the 12 regional seats of government during the 1960s in case of nuclear war.

Dover castle represents an ever-changing landscape in Britain and allows students to understand the vast history and diversity of people arriving on British shores, ultimately shaping and reshaping our identity in the modern day.

Head student Elisia Jarvis was tasked with writing a summary of the trip from a student perspective:

The Year 11 Dover Castle Trip allowed students to immerse themselves in their “History around Us” case study! We explored the original Roman Pharos and St. Castro’s Church- and we found lots of good photo opportunities at the top of the keep! Inside, the rooms were decorated to emulate a Medieval style, with lots of bright colours and lavish furniture. Best of all though, we got to go on the gift shop and arm ourselves with crossbows and swords for the coach journey home!”  Elisia Jarvis – Year 11

The students throughout the trip were a credit to Bradon Forest and all the staff commented on the thoroughly enjoyable experience!