Today, Lieutenant Ollie Mendham from the Royal Navy, visited Bradon Forest School to talk to a group of Key Stage 4 students who have shown an interest in joining the Navy or uniformed services as part of our Careers and Progression programme.

The Lieutenant is a former Bradon Forest student so it was lovely to welcome him back and hear all about the exciting events so far in his career. Ollie shared a presentation with the group starting with his Year 7 school photo moving through qualifications, to how he joined the Navy, what his job entails and the different branches and roles within the force. He then ended with a very interesting question and answer session.

Our students were very engaged and asked some excellent questions, such as: ‘Where could you be based in the UK as a Navy pilot?’, ‘What’s the most exciting part about flying the Wildcat?’ and ‘How long were you seasick for?’!

We will be announcing our next ‘Target Talk’ shortly and interested students will be invited to sign up!