Today we welcomed Leah Theobald from Osborne Clark LLP to give our latest target talk on law. Leah, an ex Bradon Forest student, is in her 4th year of 6 as a Solicitor Apprentice. The presentation was given to Year 10 and 11 students who have shown an interest in the sector. With ‘National Apprenticeship Week’ happening next week, Leah focussed on her route into law, a day in the life of a solicitor and explained the different roles available to our students.
Leah held a ‘true or false’ session to get the students fully involved and ended with questions and answers. Some of the questions covered were ‘what would you recommend I study next if I want to get into law?’ and ‘what is the difference between a solicitor and a barrister?’
This was a great opportunity for our students interested in law to learn more about the sector and how to progress into further education. Leah shared a wealth of experience and a slideshow full of information.
Thanks go to our students for attending and engaging and to Leah for presenting to our students today.