Mr Cridge reports: “Firstly, allow me to extend my congratulations to all those who took part in last week’s Bradon’s Got Talent competition!
  • Johnny A bravely went first and gave a heartfelt instrumental rendition of A Thousand Years by Christina Perri.
  • Brigitta O, Brooke F, Alba P, Isabel N, Maisy R, Josh T, and Lucy K played a mesermising handchime performance of Viva La Vida by Coldplay.
  • Alfie F bravely stood alone on stage and sang an impactful solo performance of Radioactive by Imagine Dragons.
  • Timothy K and Samuel H ended the day with a rock’n’roll hurricane performance of Song 2 by Blur, whirring the audience into hysteria.
  • Maddison D and Ava L wowed the audience (coming second in the audience’s vote) and left the teachers equally awestruck by their rendition of I’m No Good by Amy Winehouse. Ava played the drums, and Maddison sang. After much deliberation, they were chosen as the ‘teacher’s choice’ award and will be rewarded handsomely with celebrations and housepoints!
  • Max Y, however, ultimately won the audience’s heart and won the ‘audience’s choice’ award and will receive an amazon voucher and housepoints. He received over 30 votes after he bravely stood alone on stage, giving a powerful and heartfelt rendition of a Ukranian song. The audience loved his performance so much, that he came up to sing for a second time, sending the crowd wild!
All contestants should be very proud of their performances and will be awarded housepoints for their bravery.
The audience had a lot of fun watching the various acts, and I am delighted at how respectful the students were on the whole; they even had some fun performing a song of their own, providing chant-along for “Sweet Caroline”!
Thanks to the support of the audience, we have raised £156 for our House Charities!”