Teachers from the Design Technology and Geography departments organised a practical workshop for Year 8 students this week.  The Year 8 students volunteered to be part of a mission to embrace sustainability and enhance biodiversity around the school site by making sections of an invertebrate wall.  Students were given a design brief and asked to research what would make a good bug house, and were tasked to re-use and recycle materials to make it.  We were really pleased that we were able to recycle the old science laboratory benches to make the frames.   Students then worked out how they would create different environments for insects and worked to produce their sections. They really enjoyed the creative process and the chance to develop their skills.

Miss Cole said, “It was lovely to see the students enthusiastically working together to put together their designs. We are really keen to help give a home to nature here at school.  The students have produced a section of bug wall which we will install.  We were also lucky to have the support of some of our Year 10 horticulture students, who did a great job supporting the younger ones.”