Mrs Hooper reportsL : “On 12 June, I took 12 keen mathematicians to a Year 10 MAT challenge event at Malmesbury school. The morning was spent hearing about how and where maths could be studied after GCSE and talking about the different types of jobs that require maths with some surprising ones coming up.

In the afternoon, students were asked to form teams with other schools to compete in a competition involving several rounds of challenging questions that required inter-school teamwork and of course some serious brain power!

Once again, our students did Bradon proud. It was great to see their enthusiasm for the tasks and the friendly ‘discussions’ going on about how to achieve the answers! In the end, Jamie and Alex from Bradon triumphed with their Malmesbury teammates to take 1st place but congratulations go to all on a great day out!

“It was great to socialise with different people our age.” Koroush K

“I enjoyed learning about the different careers that include maths.” Romi B

“I particularly enjoyed exploring diffferen branches of maths and their applications like mechanics and statitstics.”  Jenny T