On the 21 and 22 of June, our Year 10 GCSE Geography students visited the River Cole to conduct their Physical Geography Fieldwork. The students were engaged with various data collection methods to measure the width, depth, and velocity of the river at two different locations. Day one and normally students enjoy being able to get into the river take part in some active geography, however after last weeks downpours the river was the highest we’ve seen it! Thankfully, the trusty Geography staff team, made up of  Miss Cole, Mr Morris and Mr Heathcote, bravely went waist high in the cold river to collect the data. It was inspiring to see their passion for their subject really shine and, despite the heat, the students definitely benefitted from their enthusiasm! Another day makes all the difference in river management however, so Group 2 students were able to take advantage of lower river levels and get in to take the measurements.

Groups were also taken around the site by National Trust staff who were extremely accommodating and gave the students a walking revision session on rivers and river processes.

Thank you to Miss Cole and the team for organising.