Embrace your homework! Homework at Bradon Forest School complements the curriculum by providing students with opportunities to reinforce their understanding of classroom concepts, cultivate independence in their learning journey and face a high level of challenge that encourages them to ‘think hard.’
Homework serves as a bridge between classroom instruction and self-directed learning, fostering a deeper engagement with the curriculum, while also preparing students to tackle more complex academic challenges.
All homework is set by teachers on Class Charts and the average time expected to be spent by students on homework will increase as the student progresses through the school and there will be occasions when students spend more time studying independently as they prepare for examinations.
As an approximate measure:
Y7/Y8: Two subjects per night (25- 45 minutes per homework task)
Y9: Three subjects per night (30 – 45 minutes per homework task)
Y10/Y11: Two subjects per night (45- 60 minutes per homework task)