The sixth form at Bradon Forest runs in conjunction with Malmesbury School. Students attend lessons at Bradon Forest once a week and for the rest of the time they study at Malmesbury. Students experience high quality lessons at both sites and are also able to take advantage of familiar tutorial support at Bradon Forest. Moreover, students also benefit from the opportunity to broaden their peer learning groups and social circles at Malmesbury.

Sixth form students enjoy the familiarity of being at Bradon Forest one day a week yet having their own dedicated space on site. Watch this video of Bradon Forest and Malmesbury students talking about the benefits of staying on at sixth form.

Over half of the students who go to Malmesbury sixth form go on to Oxbridge or Russell Group universities, which is way above the national average and higher than local colleges. There is a lot of support with the university application process. Watch this video of previous Malmesbury students talking about the help they received to get their place a university. 

The process of choosing Post-16 options is a very important part of Year 11 and we hope that all the information we provide will help students to make an informed decision about their next steps. Students opting to stay on at the Bradon Forest sixth form will study one day a week at Bradon Forest and four days a week at Malmesbury.

How does transport work?
There is a bus that is exclusive to the sixth form, we pick up sixth formers every day from a stop near to their home and transport them to and back from Malmesbury or Bradon Forest each day. This is currently in operation with Year 12.

What subjects are offered?
A-Levels are available in all of the subjects Year 11 currently study at Bradon Forest, plus Psychology, Sociology, Politics and Economics. Download the 2020 curriculum guide here  There is further information about each of the subjects here too.

What facilities are there at Bradon Forest?
We have a dedicated sixth form block which has a work room with computers, university prospectus’ and careers information. There is a classroom where all of the sixth form lessons take place as well as a common room, equipped with toaster, kettle, microwave, fridge, sofas etc. There is also a private sixth form garden with picnic benches.

Sixth form students at Bradon Forest can leave site if they don’t have a lesson to purchase food from the local shops. Students can also access the Bradon Forest canteen and D2 at lunchtime if they want.

If you have any further questions about the sixth form, please contact Mr Kershaw, Assistant Headteacher at Bradon Forest with responsibility for the sixth form.  His email address is

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