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Y7 Wonka Adverts – 4/2/21

Miss Noon reports: Year 7 students have been reading the edited school production version of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. In this scheme of work students have been exploring character development, creating their own ‘Sweet Invention’ and have looked at designing and producing their own advertisement for their inventions. This has helped develop their own creative process, including how to plan and structure their work. Producing an advertisement encourages use of their acting skills when using video, (voice, movement, facial expression, eye contact, gestures, best video angles). Students will also be developing a new child character to take into Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory.

Below is a montage from some of the adverts created. We think you’ll agree, they’re pretty good!

Credits: James Gray & Family, Mason Gould & Family, Evie Miller , Emily Marvel , Daniel Maddison & Family, Maxx Hamilton, Matthew Uden, Scarlett Simpson, Emily Ball, Florence Shumer, Billy Robinson and Caitlin Eastman.

Home Learning Wellbeing – 13/1/2021

You’re going to be learning mostly remotely for the next few weeks. It is highly likely many teachers and students will experience eye discomfort and vision problems, due to having to look at screens for extended periods of time. Click the image for some top tips to look after your eyes.


Year 9 Student Visits 3D Printing Company – 9/12/20

Rónán Dickson, 9P1, reports: Scaled is a company that makes 3D printed components for many things. Scaled is based in Swindon. They have three different  size large scale 3D printers as well as desktop 3D printers. It was really amazing that the largest 3D printer which is a robot was able to print up to 1KG in an hour that’s quite quick for 3D printing, their aim is to be able to print up to 5KG in an hour and they also heat the plate up 80℃.

They are now trying to invest  in using sustainable thermoplastic to help make their projects more green.

They also use many different tools that you can find in a DT classroom like laser-cutter and lathe and a mill.

Their latest project Chameleon is a 3D printed electric car which has a top speed of 42-43MPH. The car is very light. It only cost Scaled £800. Which is quite cheap for a prototype vehicle in comparison the Renault Twizy starts from £11,695 using mass production manufacturing methods. Pre production cars can cost in the region of £150K per car. It would take up two days to print all the components.


By Rónán Dickson 9P1


Fantastic Hegarty Maths work – 19/11/20

Mrs Hooper, Maths teacher reports:

It’s been great to see the excellent Hegarty Homework coming in from all year groups.

We’ve had a really positive response from students who, amongst other things, say that the videos are easy to watch and understand.  They also like the fact they are building up a revision book that they can use in the future.

The picture below demonstrates what we are looking for in every homework:

  • Clearly labelled with clip number and title.
  • Notes taken from the video
  • All questions and workings written down for the quiz questions.

All students have a checklist in the front of their Hegarty homework books (orange ones) so they can check they are doing and including everything they need to each week.

Well done everyone.  Keep up the good work!