At Bradon Forest School we have the privilege of working with some very academically able children. Our Most Able provision has been designed to hone in on individual talents and nurture students to their full potential. We want our students to present themselves as confident, interesting, articulate and intelligent young adults. We believe it is important to cater for our Most Able students and offer them opportunities to stretch their minds and develop their specific talents. All subject areas are continually adapting their teaching materials to meet the needs of our Most Able learners, many offering an out of lesson activity or trip or stretch homeworks which further support students and nurture their potential.

Challenge for All

Challenge is a key value at Bradon Forest. In lessons students of all abilities will be required to work towards and master higher order thinking and learning skills related to each individual subject. Most Able students are given specific instructions through independent activities and teacher led direction on how to consistently reach ‘excellent’ levels of progress. ‘Teaching from the top’ allows challenge to be presented at every level as students are supported to access higher order concepts and materials. Challenge within lessons also requires specific guidance from teachers in order for students to become competent in accessing higher order thinking skills within tasks and in examination questions. In line with this all teachers are required to focus on developing student progression on higher order thinking skills across a 5 year curriculum plan, ultimately allowing students to develop a ‘mastery of learning’ upon leaving Bradon Forest after Year 11.

Identification of Most Able Students

Currently, the government’s Department of Education gives no benchmarks for the identification of the Most Able when they enter secondary school. At Bradon Forest, we use Year 7 CAT results to make a judgement based on students’ ability across both English and Maths. Our philosophy here is to identify the students who have the greatest potential across all curriculum subjects, as dictated by the foundation skills in literacy and numeracy. Being a Most Able student means higher academic expectations, but also greater opportunities to widen their educational experience. Whilst we identify students on their potential before entering Bradon Forest we are committed to being flexible in how we identify Most Able students and welcome suggestions from subject teachers and parents as students develop their cognitive ability from Year 7 to 11. Each student will be monitored on a case by case basis in order to unlock their true potential. We have now included a comprehensive list of students identified as Most Able based on a subject specific criteria meaning students are considered Most Able in individual subjects where they show an aptitude and dedication to their learning in these subjects.

Examples of the subject specific criteria on which subjects will base their judgement on can be seen on the back of the Most Able booklet below. Any queries: marked for the attention of the Most Able Coordinator, Mr J Koniarski.


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Year 10 Work Experience Week – Monday 18 – Thursday 21 July 2022