Mission Statement

Bradon Forest School is an inclusive community that prides itself on delivering an excellent education. We believe that students and staff should feel valued and be challenged to fulfil their potential by the development of their individual talents and skills. We celebrate spiritual and creative diversity and promote a love of life-long learning.


Our vision is that the school consistently achieves positive progress for all our cohorts of students and that we constantly strive for improved performance. We want students to be respectful and proactive in their day-to-day interactions and to be ambitious and aspirational for the future.

A broad and thoughtfully sequenced curriculum will be the starting point for students to engage with highly effective teaching and learning which is rooted in research and evidence.

We will be the local school of choice for students from Year 7 to Year 13. Our Post-16 provision will provide an outstanding route to aspirational university courses and degree level apprenticeships. We will support and guide all students on to suitable pathways through excellent careers information and guidance.

This vision of excellence is aligned with our core belief that a holistic education is an enabler to future life success. An extensive programme of trips, visits, sporting and creative opportunities will provide students with multiple ways to excel.

Bradon Forest School Strategic Aims

  1. Raise standards in all aspects of school life
  2. Deliver an excellent curriculum to our students
  3. Develop and value all members of the school community
  4. Develop a culture of equality and diversity where every individual is valued and respected
  5. Ensure the future success of the school is secure by building extensive links in the local area
  6. To become a flexible working school that recruits and retains the very best staff