In line with the principles of the Athelstan Trust School Improvement Strategy, the curriculum at Bradon Forest is designed to allow each student to study the full breadth of subjects in Key Stage 3 and to develop the skills they need during this phase of learning to be in a good position to obtain strong outcomes in Key Stage 4. Nurturing independent learners, enquiring minds and a thirst for learning is an important aim of the Bradon Forest curriculum and a key driver for our staff. Our staff want students to enjoy both their subject and learning experience. We aim to embed learning by skilful teaching, using metacognition and retrieval techniques.

Most students at Bradon Forest take at least eight subjects at GCSE. The school has introduced OCR Nationals and BTEC qualifications in some subjects to take account of an individual cohort’s strengths.  Where there is considered to be a need, a few students attend alternative education courses with certified providers. We strongly encourage students to take a modern foreign language at Key Stage 4 as we believe that these skills help prepare students for the world of work and all our students take either History or Geography in this Key Stage.

Personal Development lessons are an important part of our curriculum for all students. This offer is made of PSHE and citizenship with an emphasis on developing young people who will become outward looking citizens. The importance of British values is emphasised here.

Our students do far more than attend lessons. Our enrichment programme includes a wide and varied range of on and off-site opportunities locally, nationally and internationally. All students are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunities Bradon Forest offers, whether with Sports, the Performing Arts and music, Duke of Edinburgh or STEM activities. We encourage all students to take part in trips and visits both in Britain and abroad, so engaging their interest in the outside world.  We provide students with a range of opportunities, both inside and outside the classroom, to develop their awareness and respect of others cultures and religions, to understand and develop a moral code aligned to British values and to be able to engage appropriately with other students and staff

Throughout their time with us students live the ‘Bradon Forest Values’ of CARE – Challenge, Aspiration, Respect and Resilience and Excellence – both in the classroom and around the school.  By doing so, we believe, they become well-rounded young adults ready and prepared for their next steps.


On entry to Bradon Forest our broad and balanced curriculum enables students to explore a wide range of skills and activities developing expertise ready for further education and future employment. Following the National Curriculum in Years 7, 8 and 9 students study a range of courses including: English, Mathematics, Science, PE, Languages (French and German), History, Geography, Religious Studies, Personal Development, Music, Art, Drama, Computing and Design and Technology.  A term by term curriculum overview is available on our Key Stage 3 page.

Parents and students are provided with assessment information three times per year. The reports will include their Attitudes to Learning and Attitude to Quality of Work (including homework). See our Assessment page for more detail.


All students take a core set of subjects including: English, Mathematics, Double Science, Personal Development and Core PE. To challenge our students, we also offer: Biology, Chemistry and Physics as individual GCSEs. Alongside the core offer, students choose from a range of option subjects. All select to study History or Geography and we strongly encourage students to choose a language from either French or German.

Other options include: Art, Business Studies, Religious Studies, Food and Nutrition, Computing, Creative iMedia, Design and Technology, PE, Drama, Music, Media Studies and Sociology.  A term by term curriculum overview is available on our Key Stage 4 page.

Students, parents and carers are provided with assessment information four times a year in Key Stage 4. The reports will include their Attitudes to Learning and Attitude to Quality of Work  (including homework).  See our Assessment page for more detail.

Background information on the National Curriculum can be viewed here.