At Bradon Forest we are passionate about the progress of all our students. The government has recognised a group of students who underachieve nationally compared to their peers. The Government has, therefore, given funding to schools to support this group.

Pupil Premium spending 2022/23

£999/00 Books
£5043.00 Educational resources
£13,313.00 Educational Visits
£1123.00 Food
£3022.00 Music lessons
£207.00 Rewards
£324.00 Staff training
£590.00 Software licences
£82,210.00 Teaching/LT
£323.00 Transport
£2766.00 Uniform
£2205.00 Workshops
£112,125.00 TOTAL

Your child may be a part of this group if:

  • they have been eligible for Free School Meals at some point in the last six years,
  • they are in or have been in Local Authority Care
  • you are serving in the Armed Forces.

For further information, please see the following documents:

Pupil Premium Action Plan 2023 – 2024

BFS Tiered Model 2023
Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2021 – 2024
Parental Information on Pupil Premium
Pupil Premium policy