The government have decided that it will not publish any school or college level educational performance data based on tests, assessments or exams for 2020 or 2021.

English GCSE grade 4 and above 81%
Maths GCSE grade 4 and above 77%
English GCSE grade 5 and above 64%
Maths GCSE grade 5 and above 56%
Grade 4+ in Maths and English 73%
Grade 5+ in Maths and English 49%
5 GCSEs grade 9 – 4 including English and Maths 69%
Attainment 8
Please note this measure cannot be compared year on year due to changes in the points awarded to each grade.
Progress 8 -0.21
English Baccalaureate
This is the percentage of pupils who achieved the English Baccalaureate (EBacc) at a grade 5 or above (strong pass) or a grade 4 or above (a basic pass) in English, maths, sciences, a language, and either history or geography. The English Baccalaureate is not a test or qualification; it is a measure used to provide information about a particular range of qualifications.
Strong 19%

Basic 27%

English Baccalaureate
This is the percentage of the cohort that were eligible to achieve the English Baccalaureate.



The Attainment 8 score is calculated by attributing a point score to each GCSE grade and adding the best 8 GCSE grades a student achieves together.

The Progress 8 score indicates whether students achieved more or less, on average, than the grades they were expected to achieve given their prior attainment at Key Stage 2.  A score of 0 indicates students, on average, achieved in line with expectation.

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