PPEs and Examinations

Summer 2024 Examination Timetable

Timetabled public examinations are held on the same date and time nationally, as dictated by examination boards.  The regulations for the conduct of most examinations and assessments are set by JCQ (the Joint Council for Qualifications).

If a student is unable to attend any assessment, please contact the school immediately.  Medical or other evidence may be required.

Results and Certificates

The school retains examination certificates that have not been collected for a maximum of five years. Students should contact the school to make arrangements to collect their certificates. We are unable to post certificates – they must be collected in person. If students are unable to collect their certificates personally, we will require a written letter from them to Mrs Griggs, Examinations Officer, authorising collection by someone else on their behalf. Alternatively, an email from their own email account to Mrs Griggs.

Students are reminded to ensure certificates are kept safely, as examination boards no longer issue replacements, although proof of results are available and there are links on exam board websites.