Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) is a very important part of the work we do to develop young people to become citizens of the world. It involves learning about ourselves and others and embracing our similarities and differences so everyone has respect for one another.

During the course of the year, we work together to ensure our school community is an inclusive place to be. We ensure our lessons are relevant to the diverse range of students we teach, covering topics around gender, race, sexuality and the differently abled.

Our students have been proactive in supporting our EDI values and ensuring that the Bradon Charter included an impact statement about EDI.

Our curriculum ensures that EDI is always included. For example:

Part of the History Curriculum in Key Stage 3 includes a focus on groups in society not traditionally represented in the narrative of Britain and the wider world. Lessons have been developed which include a keener focus on the contribution and history of women.

In Year 7 a large proportion of our later medieval study includes Queens and leaders and their role in shaping Britain – and as the curriculum spans many hundreds of years, we are also keen to understand the reality behind the ‘witch-craze’ in the 17th Century in Year 8.  In Year 9 we study the work of social reformers and activists with a greater focus on the achievements of the Suffragist and Suffragette movements to the shaping of Post WW1 society.

In English, diversity and inclusion runs through the core of our curriculum at Key Stage 3. Students begin their Bradon Forest journey learning about the lives of refugees through the Bone Sparrow.  They then continue with a diverse selection of poetry including LGBTQ+ writers. Our key theme is a sense of identity, and we believe we give all students a chance to explore what identity means. In Year 8 we study great speeches from speakers with globally diverse backgrounds. In Year 9 we look at the historic role of feminism, what modern feminism looks like and the increasingly prominent discourse surrounding toxic masculinity.

Reading scheme – Beyond Words

Alongside our diverse curriculum we have the wonderful “Beyond Words” reading scheme. Within this scheme texts have been carefully selected to provide a broad range of voices and topics. Texts include LGBTQ+ character, characters with physical disabilities and voices from across the globe. Reading is, we believe, a way for students to explore the perspectives of others deeply and uniquely.

The curriculum in Geography explores different regions of the world and gives students an insight into different cultures. As part of the Key Stage 3 curriculum, students study the geography of Africa and Asia. Within these vast, varied continents students study different groups of people and the contributions of individuals. We also explore life in places such as Dharavi, India, and nomadic populations in North Africa. In Year 9 we focus on globalisation as one of our main topics and have based our scheme of work around Dharshini David’s book, The Almighty Dollar.

Figures from the Design Council show that our current UK design workforce is 78% male and the proportion of Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) groups sits at 13%. At Bradon Forest we want to ensure all our learners have the opportunity to learn about and contribute to design.  While reviewing our Design and Technology and Food Preparation and Nutrition specifications, we have considered how well these qualifications reflect the lives of all of our learners and how we can improve the opportunities students have to see relevance in the subject matter taught in schools:

  • We discuss women in engineering. We have changed the stigma of girls do sewing and boys do Woodwork rationale.
  • All students study the whole carousel – Materials Technology, Product Design, Textiles and Food and Nutrition.
  • We have mixed gender classes of girls and boys taking both Food and Nutrition and Design and Technology at KS4.
  • Display boards and posters highlight a range of designers of different genders, ethnicity and inclusivity.

Equality Objectives – 2023 – 2027

Below are some of the many events we at Bradon Forest use to celebrate EDI:

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