We believe that success for our students is achieved both inside and outside of the classroom. A holistic experience of education involves access to a positive learning environment and participation in extra-curricular activities. Our rewards system for students is outlined below.

Rewarding Positive Behaviour in the classroom and around school

We want each of our students to be an aspirational learner. To help build a sense of community and commitment, our rewards system is intrinsically linked to our School House System. Each student is assigned to one of our three houses, Ringsbury, Peartree and Battlewell when they enter Bradon Forest in Year 7. Each of our students has the opportunity in each lesson to earn House Points towards their overall house total. The house with the winning total is declared the winner during the summer term. The house points students can earn are linked to our Bradon Forest Values.

  • We challenge ourselves to be great learners.
  • We have aspiration for our futures.
  • We will respect ourselves and others and will show resilience when we falter.
  • We strive for excellence in all that we do both inside the classroom and out.

Where a member of staff feels a student has demonstrated a Bradon Value, they will award a House Point. These are reported home to parents in our biannual data captures. Our aim is that students will earn more points from their rewards than they will gain behaviour points. We strongly believe that students should feel motivation at school and that House Points are a key example of earning small rewards often.

Headteacher Awards

Each day is an opportunity for students to go above and beyond normal expectations and demonstrate our core values at the highest level. Students who make extensive contributions to the wider school community have the opportunity to be nominated by a member of staff for a Headteacher Award. This is presented to a student as a certificate signed by the Headteacher.

Exceptional Scheme at Bradon Forest

Extra-Curricular activity provides students with a wealth of opportunity to find inspiration, build aspiration and most importantly enjoy their time at school with their friends. Our What’s Happening Outside of School Hours (WHOOSH) activity chart details all the exciting clubs that students can take part in. As a school, we aim to encourage and also reward the efforts that students make. We launched our Exceptional Scheme in September 2022, motivated by our desire to improve participation in our excellent extracurricular activities in recognition of the wide-ranging skills developed by taking part. Driven by our extracurricular mantra Being Exceptional at Bradon, students are given the target of achieving 200 credits of activity throughout the academic year. Different activities are given different amounts of credit based on how much time commitment is required. At the end of the academic year, we reward students who have gained 200 credits or more with an Exceptional Award Certificate, signed by the Headteacher and Assistant Headteacher. Students have the opportunity to gain an Exceptional Award every year at Bradon Forest. The added benefit to this award is that students are given a booklet to keep in tutor time where they log their activities. This then gives students, particularly those in Key Stage 4, an opportunity to use their Exceptional Activities to build a CV or strengthen an application to post-16 study.

Student leadership Opportunities

At Bradon Forest we recognise that the importance of developing the whole individual. We provide students with a range of leadership opportunities to develop skills outside the classroom and develop a sense of responsibility. We currently offer students to chance to become:

  • Head Students (Y11)
  • Deputy Head Students (Y11)
  • Senior Prefects (Y11)
  • Diversity Leaders
  • LGBTQ+ Leaders
  • Peer Mentors to a Year 7 Tutor Group (Y10)
  • Junior Prefects (Y9)
  • School Council
  • House Representatives

Each role carries different responsibilities. Examples of skills that student leaders can develop include public speaking, team leadership, project work and peer support. Student leaders help to develop a full and interconnected school community where different groups of students are able to work together and interact with one another.

Celebration of Awards Assemblies

Each term we provide students with the opportunity to be recognised for their efforts and contributions to the school. Awards in a year group celebration assembly include:

  • House Point Awards (Bronze, Silver and Gold)
  • Attendance Awards – This is based on attendance for the term, each new term gives students an opportunity to earn an attendance award
  • Student of the term awards (subject) – Each full term, teaching staff nominate students of the term in their subject. This is rewarded with a certificate.

End of Term House Celebration Assembly

Each house holds a celebration assembly at the end of every term which is an opportunity for the whole Year group to celebrate the success and achievements of individuals, groups, classes and the house group as a whole on both in-school and out-of-school activities. Head of House deliver this termly assembly and recognise the contributions that have ben made to the House across the whole term. Our House Mottos are:

  • Ringsbury: Our Strength is our Differences
  • Battlewell: Together we excel. We are Battlewell
  • Peartree: You can’t have the fruits without the roots

Achievement Postcards

Parents/carers can be informed of their child’s successes through a postcard which can be sent by any member of staff. These can be sent home at any time and are a gesture from the class teacher that a student’s efforts are being notices. Examples of reasons to send a postcard home include; excellent effort on a piece of work, excellent contributions in class, resilience shown towards learning.

Student Achievements Outside of School

We are always extremely proud of any achievements Bradon Forest students make both in and outside of school. We welcome all updates on what students achieve outside of school and publish such achievements on our social media platforms and termly newsletter. Examples include success in music examinations, representational sports, and recognition for participating in social action.

Annual Rewards Trips

Students who demonstrate consistently high standards of behaviour and effort across the duration of the academic year are rewarded with the opportunity to attend a end of year rewards trip. This is an off-site day visit where students can enjoy a day with their friends as a reward for their hard efforts. Student voice also factors is to where students go on their end of year rewards trip.