Homework is an important part of the learning process and can significantly raise student attainment. Students are expected to become increasingly responsible for their own learning. Good homework allows students to review their learning, apply it to new situations or give them the opportunity to extend their learning by carrying out further research into areas of interest and challenge.

At Bradon Forest we also have Flipped Homework which prepares students for a future lesson by researching a topic prior to that lesson. Stretch and Challenge Homeworks are open to More Able students and Opportunity Homeworks can be completed by students wanting to push themselves further. Our homework opportunities provide a chance for students to deepen their learning in a subject area and ensure they support students to nurture their potential.

Our Homework policy can be downloaded here. 

Satchel One is an online tool we use which allows students and parents to access homework tasks and resources on the internet. Teachers upload subject tasks to this homework app. We believe this supports both staff and parents in ensuring the learning opportunities available through completing homework properly are not missed by students. Parents can keep an eye on what homework is set and deadlines given. As a school we appreciate the importance of parental support and know that good communication allows parents to be actively involved in their child’s learning

Download our information booklet for help in using Satchel One.

You can also access the Bradon Forest School area of Satchel One by clicking on this link. You will not need a password to view the homeworks – you can find a specific homework by using a series of filters (year group, subject, teacher or class code).

Parent Instructions for using the homework calendar can be downloaded here.