We follow a two-week timetable at Bradon Forest.  Each day is listed on the left-hand side of the timetable.  1Mon, 1Tues, 1Wed etc means that these are the lessons that you have on Week 1.  These may be different to the lessons that you have at the same time on Week 2 (2Mon, 2Tues, 2Wed etc).

We call lessons ‘periods’ at Bradon Forest.  Lessons are read from left to right.  Registration is at 8.45 am each day and takes place before Period 1.  Break is in between periods 2 and 3 at 11.15 am for 20 minutes.  Lunch is after Period 4 at 1.35 pm until 2.20 pm.

Each box also has a room code and a teacher code.  Rooms are lettered and numbered.  Any room that starts with E is in English.  Any room starting with S is in Science etc.  Each teacher at Bradon Forest has their own staff code.  Click here to find a list of all the staff names and their codes on the website.

Every student has their own timetable which they get from their tutor.  If a student needs another copy of their timetable they can get one from their tutor.  Parents and students can also view the lessons for the day using Class Charts.  There is more information about Class Charts on our Parent Web Links page.