Name Job title Email address Code
Mrs Allen Teacher of English/KS3 English Learning Manager ALE
Miss Bate Assistant Head of Key Stage 4/Teacher of English BTE
Miss Beet Assistant Head of Key Stage 3/Teacher of Religious Studies BET
Mr Bray Head of Key Stage 4 (Designated Safeguarding Lead) BRY
Mr Bunker Trainee Teacher of Science BNK
Mr Campbell Subject Leader: Computing CAM
Mrs Clark Teacher of English/More Able Coordinator CLK
Miss Cole Head of Faculty: Humanities COE
Mr Collingridge Head of Faculty:  MFL CLL
Miss Cottier Teacher of Geography COT
Mrs Cousins Subject Leader: Religious Studies CSI
Mrs Davies Head of Key Stage 3/Teacher of PE (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead) DAV
Mrs Dickson Headteacher (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead) DSN
Mr Dipple Assistant Headteacher (Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead) DIP
Miss Doffour-Dapaah Teacher of Mathematics DOF
Mr Duncan Teacher of Mathematics DUN
Mrs Elias Teacher of Mathematics ELS
Miss Elkington Teacher of Music (part-time) ELK
Mrs Evans Second in Faculty: PE/Enrichment EVN
Miss Fennell Teacher of Design Technology FEN
Miss Gerrish Teacher of Mathematics GER
Mr Griffin Second in Faculty: Science GFN
Miss Hall Teacher of Science (part-time) HLL
Mr Hancock Subject Leader: Music HNK
Mr Hartley Head of Faculty: PE HRT
Mrs Hawley Subject Leader: Business Studies HAW
Ms Hazell Learning Manager: Media Studies/Teacher of English HAZ
Mr Heathcote Assistant Headteacher HEA
Mrs Holmes Teacher of Art (part-time) HME
Mrs Hooper Second in Faculty (joint): Mathematics (part-time) HOO
Mr Hutchings Teacher of Science/Head of Pear Tree House HUT
Mrs James Second in Faculty (joint): Mathematics (part-time) JXM
Mrs Johnson Teacher of Computing JHN
Mrs Jones Teacher of Mathematics (part time) JOS
Mr Kershaw Subject Leader: Geography KSH
Mr Koniarski Teacher of History/More Able Coordinator KON
Mrs Lister Teacher of MFL (part-time) LIS
Mrs Loxton Teacher of Humanities (part-time)/Pupil Premium Coordinator LOX
Mr McDonald Assistant Headteacher MDD
Mrs Marsh Teacher of MFL/Subject Leader: Global Citizenship MAA
Mr Martch-Harry Subject Leader: Art MAT
Mr Matthews Acting Second in Faculty of PE/Head of Ringsbury House MTW
Miss Mazelin Subject Leader: History MAZ
Mrs Moody Teacher of Science (part-time) MDY
Miss Noone Subject Leader: Drama NNE
Mrs Onslow-Riquoir Teacher of MFL (part-time) ONS
Ms Paisey Head of Faculty: English PSY
Mr Parkes Learning Manager: KS3 Technology/Pupil Premium Coordinator PRK
Mrs Pullen Learning Manager: KS3 Science PLN
Miss Reynolds Teacher of Drama REY
Mr Sturla Head of Faculty: Design and Technology STL
Miss Thompson Second in Faculty: English THP
Miss Verlander Teacher of English VAL
Mr Vines Teacher of Science VNE
Mr Vizor Head of Faculty: Science VIZ
Mrs White Teacher of Textiles/NQT/Trainee New Staff Coordinator WTE
Mr Widdop Head of Faculty: Mathematics WID
Ms Wilkinson Deputy Headteacher WIL
Mrs Wiltshire Teacher of MFL/Head of Battlewell House WLT