Name Job title Email address Code
Mr Alsaigh Subject Leader: Computer Science ALH
Miss Bacmaga Teacher of Mathematics BCM
Mrs Barker Teacher of Geography TB1
Miss Beet Joint Subject Leader: Religious Studies BET
Mr Bray Teacher of PE/Careers BRY
Miss Burgham Teacher of History BRG
Miss Carriero Teacher of PE and Humanities/Head of Year 11 CAR
Mrs Chappell Teacher of Science CHP
Mrs Clack Teacher of DT SC1
Mrs Clark Teacher of English
Subject Leader: Personal Development CLK
Mr Clarke Assistant Headteacher/Teacher of History/DDSL CKE
Miss Cole Head of Faculty: Humanities COE
Mr Collingridge Head of Faculty:  MFL CLL
Ms Collins Teacher of English CLS
Mrs Cousins Joint Subject Leader: Religious Studies CSI
Mr Domm Teacher of Business Studies/Head of Year 10 DDO
Miss Doffour-Dapaah Teacher of Mathematics DOF
Mr Duncan Teacher of Mathematics DUN
Mrs Elias Teacher of Mathematics ELS
Mrs Evans Second in Faculty: PE/Enrichment EVN
Miss Fennell Teacher of Design Technology
Head of Ringsbury House FEN
Miss Gibb Teacher of English GBB
Mr Griffin Teacher of Science GFN
Mrs Haines Headteacher HNS
Miss Hall Teacher of Science/Most Able Coordinator HLL
Mr Hancock Subject Leader: Music HNK
Mr Hartley Head of Faculty: PE HRT
Mrs Hawley Subject Leader: Business Studies HAW
Ms Hazell Teacher of English/Media Studies
Mr Heathcote Assistant Headteacher/Teacher of Geography
Designated Safeguarding Lead HEA
Mrs Holmes Teacher of Art HME
Mrs Hooper Second in Faculty (joint): Mathematics HOO
Miss Thompson Teacher of PE/Head of Battlewell House HTH
Mr Hutchings Teacher of Science
Head of Pear Tree House HUT
Ms Jafrate Teacher of Geography/Business Studies JFT
Mrs James Second in Faculty (joint): Mathematics JXM
Mrs Johnson Teacher of Computing JHN
Mr Kershaw Assistant Headteacher/Teacher of Geography KSH
Mr Knibbs Teacher of Music KBS
Mr Koniarski Subject Leader: History/Teacher of Geography KON
Mrs Lanphier Head of English LPH
Mrs Lister Teacher of MFL/Head of Year 9 LIS
Mrs Loxton Teacher of Humanities/Pupil Premium Coordinator LOX
Ms Main Head of English MAI
Mrs Marsh Subject Leader: MFL MAA
Mr Martch-Harry Subject Leader: Art MAT
Mr Matthews Teacher of PE MTW
Ms Maposa Assistant Headteacher/DDSL MAP
Miss Mazelin Teacher of History MAZ
Mrs Moody Second in faculty: Science MDY
Mr Morris Alternative Provision and Inclusion Lead/DoE Coordinator
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead MRR
Miss Noone Subject Leader: Drama NNE
Mrs Onslow-Riquoir Teacher of MFL ONS
Mrs Pegado Teacher of Science PGD
Miss Piesse Teacher of Drama PIE
Mrs Pullen Learning Manager: KS3 Science PLN
Miss Preddy Teacher of History/Head of Year 8 PRD
Ms Paisey SENDCO/Teacher of English PSY
Mr Parkes Subject Leader: Food and Nutrition PRK
Miss Shipp Teacher of Religious Studies and Sociology SPP
Mr Sturla Head of Faculty: Design and Technology STL
Mr Vines Teacher of Science VNE
Mr Vizor Head of Faculty: Science VIZ
Mr Widdop Head of Faculty: Mathematics WID
Ms Wilkinson Deputy Headteacher/Teacher of Humanities WIL
Mrs Wiltshire Teacher of MFL/Head of Year 7/Transition Leader WLT