We were really excited to have another day working with Lizzie and Beanology. Today 4 groups of Year 7 and 8 students took part in an hours session that looked at our roots and how to cope with change. They created a tree that identified the roots of their support and then added leaves that allow them to find their “flow” This could be playing football, rolling down a hill or drawing.
Student feedback from the session was:
“I now know it is OK to be nice to myself.”
“I am the best me that there is.”
“I am lucky to have so many roots to keep me strong.”
“Be courageous – just have a go – its ok to fail.”
“Lizzie is crazy and fun and talks about what I need to think about.”
“At a time when the world is so uncertain it was nice to talk about how to look for the good.”
We are so happy to have the continued partnership with Beanology and can’t wait for future sessions.